Operation Ghelas: Some Implications for Coin Collectors

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There is news that there will be the first hearing for those on trial in connection with a Sicilian group allegedly exporting antiquities. Perhaps the detail that is worrying for collectors of coins is the mention that, during police raids in January 2007, evidence was found that the group were not only “smuggling genuine artefacts” but “they also made false … Read More

Link Between the White-Levy and Fleischman Collections

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One of the pieces handed over to Italy by Shelby White last week was a fragment from a Roman wall-painting. Two other fragments from the same room were once owned by Barbara and Lawrence Fleischman; one was returned to Italy from the Getty in 2007 and the other remains in Malibu. For the complete story see Looting Matters. The arrangement … Read More

Shelby White to Return Antiquities

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It has been reported today that Shelby White is in the process of returning 10 antiquities to Italy. But remember that the Italian Government were seeking the return of 20 pieces. It will be interesting to see the final list for the returns; and to note which pieces have been retained.

Protecting Portable Antiquities in the UK: A Financial Threat

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The Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) operating in the UK is seen as a model for recording portable finds. As Neil Faulkner in Current Archaeology noted, Metal-detectorists, for long treated as pariahs, have been brought into the fold, contributing their expertise and discoveries to national heritage by recording find-spots and bringing artefacts to local FLOs [Finds Liaison Officers] for identification and … Read More

Sotheby’s Auctions Rare Antiquities

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Last month, two major sales of antiquities took place at Sotheby’s, New York. The sales were remarkable not only in the prices fetched at auction, but also in the fact that both went to private collectors. As reported in Time Magazine (12/12/07), a Mesopotamian miniature sculpture of the goddess Inanna as a lioness, the so-called Guennol Lioness, was sold to … Read More