May 12th Earthquake Threatens Chinese Cultural Heritage

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A statue of Buddha is all that remains of the Xiayuan Temple, a cultural relic in Luoshui, Shifang, Sichuan province. Zhang Xiaoli (China Daily) While our primary concern remains with the more than 62,000 who perished, the more than 250,000 who were injured and the five million people who have become homeless in the wake of the May 12th earthquake … Read More

Yale’s Own Indiana Jones Story

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Indiana Jones is back- bullwhip, fedora, and all… “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” is at a theater near you and is bringing a nearly century-old Cultural Property dispute back into the spotlight. In the fourth installment of the swashbuckling archaeologist’s (using the term loosely) adventures, Hollywood takes us to the Yale University campus… as even today … Read More

Stakeholders and Interests in Cultural Heritage Issues

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Archaeologists, museums, dealers, and collectors are the most frequently referenced “stakeholders” in cultural property issues. Archaeologists and other scholars are concerned about the destruction of information resulting from looting. Museums are concerned about mainting the prestige and integrity of their collections and exhibiting to the public. Collectors have a passion for the ancient world that is expressed through personal acquisition … Read More

James Cuno’s Illogic

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James Cuno’s new book, Who Owns Antiquities?, continues to push the case he has been arguing for several years now in print against current international conventions designed to protect cultural heritage from looting. Such conventions, he has suggested, are in bad faith. “If only current international agreements were intended to preserve archaeological knowledge,” Cuno has written elsewhere. “If only they … Read More