“Stuff Happens”: US “Torah rescue” from Iraq?

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Rabbi Menachem Youlus removes dirt from a Torah that had been buried in a Polish cemetery to keep it from the Nazis. Brendan Hoffman for the New York Times On the Iraq Crisis discussion list yesterday, Peter Tompa drew attention to an article from the Jewish Bugle discussing how a Torah scroll from Mosul, Iraq came to be in the … Read More

James Cuno: “There is not a credible museum in this country that has an object in it that it knows to have been stolen from someplace else.”

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On June 11, 2008, the “Here On Earth” series produced by Wisconsin Public Radio — featured Dr. James Cuno, director of the Chicago Art Institute and author of the book “Who Owns Antiquity?” and Dr. Donny George Youkhanna, former director of the Iraq National Museum in Baghdad and the former president of the Iraq State Board of Antiquities.and now a … Read More

A Long Legacy of Protecting Cultural Heritage

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A couple of days ago I visited the AIA’s Archaeology Watch resource page. I have visited the site several times before, but I have always glossed over the first little paragraph at the top of the page. This time, however, the little blurb about the Antiquities Act caught my eye. I was well aware that the AIA (Archaeological Institute of … Read More

Roger Atwood reviews “Who Owns Antiquity” by James Cuno

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In Archaeology‘s Insider: Guardians of Antiquity? Roger Atwood, a SAFE Beacon Award Winner for his book Stealing History: Tomb Raiders, Smugglers and the Looting of the Ancient World shares his views on James Cuno’s “Who Owns Antiquity,” previously reviewed here by Lawrence Rothfield in James Cuno’s Illogic. Roger Atwood led the first SAFE Tours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art … Read More

UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage Laws Database

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We would like to bring your attention to the UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage Laws Database, a thorough and well-organized compilation of all laws concerning cultural property within the member states of UNESCO. The database makes accessible to the general public full copies of all international conventions related to the protection of cultural heritage and contains contact information for national authorities that … Read More

Natural and cultural disaster in Burma

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The cyclone which hit Burma on May 2nd 3rd, 2008, affected about 2.4 million people. Storm victims are still suffering in the aftermath of the natural disaster with little to no help arriving thanks to a government which has sealed off the country and prohibited the entry of international assistance. And the country’s ancient Buddhist monuments experience the same neglect … Read More

Harrison Ford and the AIA

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Cross posted from Numsimatics and Archaeology: “Harrison Ford and the AIA” 13 June 2008. Several weeks ago, I reported on the Archaeological Institute of America’s (AIA) appointment of Harrison Ford to its Board of Directors (Numismatics and Archaeology: “‘That Belongs in a Museum!’” 21 May 2008). Harrison Ford is popularly known for his role as the dashing, adventurous archaeologist, Henry … Read More

“Indiana Jones is a plunderer.” What do you think?

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Dr. Oscar Muscarella, outspoken critic of the antiquities trade and the plunder of artifacts from archaeological sites, sent us the following: “Brian Rose has stated that the movie character Indiana Jones ‘has played a significant role in stimulating the public’s interest in archaeological exploration,’ …{but] Jones is the very antithesis of an archaeologist. In fact, he has played a significant … Read More