Shelby White and Greece: Further Details

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Earlier this month it was announced that Shelby White would be returning two pieces from her collection to Greece. For further details see: Bronze calyx krater said to be from Pieria in northern Greece Part of a marble funerary stele showing a warrior and a youth that appears to fit an excavated fragment from Porto Raphti in eastern Attica This … Read More

Heritage Action, a British grass roots heritage protection organization

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Heritage Action is a British grassroots organization concerned about the protection of the cultural heritage. It describes itself as a group of ordinary people standing firm and taking ethical, responsible action to defend extraordinary places. These extraordinary places are the historic landscapes of various regions of Britain, with their numerous traces and monuments left by the ancient inhabitants who had … Read More

Patterns of looting in southern Iraq

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Adapted with permission from “Patterns of Looting in Southern Iraq” in Antiquity, vol. 82, no. 315, 2008: 125-138. Received: 28 June 2007; Accepted: 13 September 2007; Revised: 24 September 2007. Abstract: The archaeological sites of Iraq, precious for their bearing on human history, became especially vulnerable to looters during two wars. Much of the looting evidence has been anecdotal up to now, … Read More

NY Review of Books Weighs In: The Looting Happened

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Hugh Eakin has a long review article in this week’s New York Review of Books. The kicker is in footnote one: Citing the June survey, recent reports in the Art Newspaper and The Wall Street Journal have somewhat breathlessly suggested that little or no looting in southern Iraq actually occurred. To the contrary, the findings provide further evidence that organized … Read More

“Patterns of looting in southern Iraq” by Elizabeth Stone

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“The archaeological sites of Iraq, precious for their bearing on human history, became especially vulnerable to looters during two wars. Much of the looting evidence has been anecdotal up to now, but here satellite imagery has been employed to show which sites were looted and when. Sites of all sizes from late Uruk to early Islamic were targeted for their … Read More

Report on Iraq inspection

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The report of the recent Iraq inspection which was the subject of the Arts Newspaper and Wall Street Journal articles has now appeared on the British Museum website. It makes instructive reading in the contexct of the sensationalist journalism, and resolves a couple of questions raised by the articles. I wonder whether it will be noticed by those in the … Read More

World Archaeological Congress resolution — followup

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Leif Isaksen blogs expressing concern that “the World Archaeological Congress’s voice with regard to archaeological ethics in conflict situations has been undermined by those whose task it is to support it.” Isaksen adds more detail to the kerfuffle over what exactly was passed by whom at the WAC congress and whether this represents official WAC policy. WAC’s website clarifies as … Read More (Germany): New Rules on the Selling of Archaeological Materials

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A new policy for the selling of archaeological materials on (Germany) went into effect on July 1, 2008 (Press Release from “Neuer eBay-Grundsatz zum Handel mit archäologischen Funden,” 1 July 2008). A link in the press release provides full details on the new rules (“Grundsatz zu archäologischen Funden“). The new policy defines “archaeological finds” as follows: “An archaeological … Read More

Response to “Cultural Property Observer” July 9 2008 blog post


On July 9 2008, a post entitled “Saving Antiquities for Everyone: Grassroots or Astro Turf?” appeared on the blog “Cultural Property Observer” which raised questions about SAFE’s membership, funding sources, position on the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild and coin collecting, as well as SAFECORNER’s support “for Iraqi Government control over Jewish holy books” and “SAFE members’ kudos for China’s treatment … Read More

World Archaeological Congress weighs in on archaeologists’ advising war planners

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The recent meeting of the World Archaeological Congress in Dublin, from what I hear, included a rather raucous debate about the proper relations between archaeologists and the military. Here’s the resolution they passed, preceded by a press release. I have a more detailed preliminary response on my blogsite, but suffice it to say that I think the point of view … Read More