Is the Looting Really Over?

Larry RothfieldCommentary6 Comments

Martin Bailey strikes again, with an interview with Dr Abbas al-Husseini, described as “the leading archaeologist in Iraq,” who tells readers of the Art Newspaper that “looting is over”. Bailey’s new piece is a followup on an article earlier this summer that as he notes “generated considerable controversy” because it suggested that no post-2003 looting had occurred. Though the article … Read More

Iraq, the “looting of sites is over”?

Paul BarfordCommentary2 Comments

Martin Bailey in an article in last month’s issue of the Art Newspaper proclaimed loudly “Archaeological sites in south Iraq have not been looted, say experts”. This month the Art Newspaper carried a further article on the subject by Martin Bailey who dryly notes “Our article generated considerable controversy, provoking strong reactions from both ends of the political spectrum”. In … Read More

Looted, trafficked, and sold – “Nostoi” gives artifacts a homecoming welcome

Sarah PickmanReview1 Comment

Meet 74 cultural treasures that were ripped from their places of origin, without regard for their archaeological or cultural significance, and sent on an illicit journey: sold to private collectors and prestigious museums as mere art objects, before, finally, being recovered and returned home. These are the 74 objects that make up the exhibition “Nostoi: Recovered Masterpieces,” currently on display … Read More

Why coins matter: Trafficking in undocumented and illegally exported ancient coins in the North American marketplace

Nathan ElkinsArticle, Commentary2 Comments

Ancient coins are among the most widely collected and demanded objects among American collectors of antiquities. A vocal lobby of ancient coin dealers/collectors has arisen to protect the importation of undocumented material into the United States and also seeks to make a distinction between antiquities trafficking and that in ancient coins. Coins are an equally important historical source and are … Read More