Oscar Muscarella reviews “Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, and the Antiquities Trade”

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Dr. Oscar Muscarella, expert on the ancient Near East and a tireless, vocal advocate against the looting of antiquities, gave praise to SAFE’s work in a book review published in the International Journal of Classical Tradition. Muscarella reviewed the Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, and the Antiquities Trade, a volume edited by Neil Brodie – winner of the 2008 SAFE Beacon Award … Read More

Ivory tower passivity

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A week ago there was good news in conservation circles which in the view of some of us has potential significance for the antiquities trade. An announcement was made that since a lot of fresh material was dishonestly being passed off as old ivory, from the new year a major Internet auction portal was banning the sale of objects ivory … Read More

The Met sends off Museum Director with “pieces of history”

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art paid tribute yesterday to its outgoing director Philippe de Montebello with the show “The Philippe de Montebello Years: Curators Celebrate Three Decades of Acquisitions.” which opened with the 16th century tapestry “The Triumph of Fame”.  The exhibition, which Holland Cotter of the New York Times called “A Banquet of World Art, 30 Years in the Making” was … Read More

ICOM Releases Red List of Looted Afghanistan Antiquities

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The International Council of Museums (ICOM) has released a “Red List of Afghanistan Antiquities at Risk.” ICOM distributes red lists to museums, professionals, law enforcement, and customs to raise awareness about trafficked and looted antiquities. It is well known that the cultural heritage of Iraq and Afghanistan have suffered as results of instability following the respective invasions. Some people have … Read More

Good news/bad news: New Iraq Cultural Heritage Project

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The good news: in its waning days, the Bush administration seems finally to have ponied up substantial money ($13 million) to assist Iraq in conserving and preserving its cultural heritage. The bad news: the new initiative, the Iraq Cultural Heritage Project, appears at first glance at least to focus solely on professional development for conservators and other museum professionals, rather … Read More

Bonhams Withdraws Lots

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Bonhams has withdrawn ten lots from its two sales of antiquities today. One of the lots, an Apulian krater, had formerly formed part of the Robin Symes collection; other piecess were due to be sold as part of the Graham Geddes collection. Many of the objects seem to have surfaced through Sotheby’s in London, a pattern already noted for other … Read More

Job opportunities in Iraq

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International Relief and Development, a non-profit NGO, has posted two cultural heritage employment opportunities in Iraq that may be of interest: Project Director, Cultural Heritage Project (Tracking Code 2008149) and Program Coordinator Cultural Heritage Project (Tracking Code 20088156)

Brent Benjamin to join CPAC: “An outrageous appointment…”

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The Museum Security Network has started a discussion over the appointment of St. Louis Art Museum director Brent R. Benjamin as a member of the Cultural Property Advisory Committee. “Doing so the USA will defame itself internationally.” Ton Cremers, one of the Museum Security Network’s moderators and creator of the original Museum Security Network mailing list protests. The St. Louis … Read More

The Art of Deception

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This documentary by Al Jazeera (aired March, 2008) tells the tragic story of how the growing demand for Indonesian antiquities caused the disappearance of more than 60% of the collection of Indonesia’s oldest museum’s, and perhaps even death of an archaeologist. Read the story here. Part 1 Part 2

Italy Defends Treasures (and Laws) With a Show

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“An exhibition celebrating a century-old piece of legislation may not seem an obvious crowd pleaser. But for the curators, it’s a way of arguing that Italy’s art treasures would be vastly diminished were it not for its strict — some assert, draconian — cultural-heritage laws. That’s why every statue, vase and archaeological shard on display in “Ruins and the Rebirth … Read More