Crimes Against Culture

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Another colloquium presented at the upcoming AIA Meeting organized by a member of SAFE Blythe Bowman who authored “Plunder of antiquities: A crime of global proportions” for the SAFE website is “Crimes Against Culture: Perspectives on Archaeological Site Looting and the Illicit Antiquities Trade” Session Abstract Illegal digging at archaeological sites and the trade in illicitly-obtained art and antiquities represent … Read More

Selling our past to the highest bidder

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SAFE Board Member Elizabeth Gilgan will organize a colloquium at the AIA Meeting entitled “Selling our past to the highest bidder: a global snapshot of antiquities in the art market” on January 9, 1:30 to 4:30 pm. We hope you can attend. Abstract: In December 2007 Sotheby’s, the second oldest auction house in the world, sold an unprovenienced archaeological object … Read More

Milken Institute report proposes “market-based solutions” to combat looting

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The Milken Institute, an independent economic think tank based in Santa Monica, CA, recently published “Financial Innovations for Developing Archaeological Discovery and Conservation.” The 36-page report was written by Caitlin MacLean and Glenn Yago of the Milken Institute, who received input from “economists, representatives from museums and the archaeological community, attorneys, and antiquities dealers and collectors,” who met in January … Read More

Selling Egyptian Antiquities

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In August 2007 I speculated about the scale of the market in antiquities. I have now posted some analyses of the scale of the market based on Sotheby’s New York: Percentage of Egyptian antiquities at auction (1998-2008) Trends in the sale of Egyptian antiquities (1998-2008)

Legal Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage: National and International Perspectives in Light of the “Black Swan” Case

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At the Joint AIA/APA Annual Meeting, behind held at the Marriott Downtown Hotel in Philadelphia, SAFE board member Eric Powell will moderate a “must attend” Workshop on Saturday, January 10, 2009 for anyone interested in evolving legal mechanisms that involve underwater cultural heritage. Embedded video from CNN VideoThe recent discovery of the “Black Swan” treasure off the coast of Spain … Read More

State Department Admits No Mechanism Exists for Providing Ongoing Security for Sites or Museums, Defends Its Efforts

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What has the State Department done to protect sites? As readers of this blog already know, in October the State Department issued a fact sheet laying out its support of what was described as “numerous activities relating to the protection and preservation of Iraq’s cultural heritage”: These include emergency response to the looting of the Iraq National Museum, training of … Read More

Zahi Hawass: Digging for History

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Zahi Hawass is one of the most famous and popularly known archaeologists in the world. Hawass’ stardom among the general public is almost comparable to that of the fictional Indiana Jones; he has recently raised over $500,000 for a children’s museum by selling replicas of his own signature style “explorer hat” in conjunction with the traveling King Tut tour. … Read More