Regulating sales of artefacts in Britain soon?

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The advocates of a free and unregulated market in portable antiquities frequently point to as the pattern they wish would be emulated globally. There seems to be a perception in the collecting community – especially in the USA – that in the United Kingdom there is some artefactual free for all and the heritage is up for grabs. The liberal … Read More

Iraqi archaeologists voice concern about cultural heritage

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A curator checks artifacts at the Iraq National Museum in Baghdad on March 17, 2008 in a National Geographic article “Iraq Museum Still Too Damaged to Reopen”. Photograph by Thaier al-Sudnai/Reuters. _______________________________________________________________________________________ The following open letter was posted on the Iraqcrisis List. Mr. Nouri al Maliki, Prime Minister of Iraq Mr. Mufeed al Jazairi, Head of Cultural Committee, Iraqi Parliament … Read More

When will US eBay follow suit?

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According to the Museum Security Network posting “eBay Cancels Auctions of Ancient Coins” German eBay has put into practice the policies it announced this past July. A translation of the German policies in the above posting indicates “It is forbidden to offer archeological findings whose lawful acquisition and possession the supplier cannot prove on eBAY.” While SAFECORNER joins all those … Read More