Druggies Stealing State’s History

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The looting of archaeological sites in the USA is seriously damaging our ability to understand the past of the region. A report from Northeastern Arkansas suggests that the area has become a lucrative hunting ground for those interested in archaeological artefacts not for their value for scholarship when interpreted in context, but for black market bucks gained from looting sites … Read More

Brian Rose on looting: “history that’s been murdered”

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In an interview with American Public Media’s Dick Gordon, AIA President and Professor at University of Pennsylvania Brian Rose describes his recent first trip to Iraq where he saw ancient sites cratered by looters. Professor Rose also speaks about the cultural heritage briefings he has been giving to American soldiers on the archaeology of Iraq and Afghanistan, and his visit … Read More

Exhibition Review: “Worshiping Women”

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  Worshiping Women: Ritual and Reality in Classical Athens launched in December 2008 at the Onassis Cultural Center is an exhibition composed primarily of loans from foreign institutions and museums and will be open until May 9, 2009. The introductory plaque at the beginning of the exhibition informs us that “religious rituals defined women.” The visitor is led through galleries … Read More

EBay: A Solution to the Illicit Antiquities Trade?

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A story from the latest Archaeology Magazine (C. Stanish, “Forging Ahead. Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love eBay,” Archaeology Magazine 62.3 (May/June 2009)) has been the subject of some blog discussions lately, e.g.: Larry Rothfield, “eBay Reduces Looting — Maybe,” The Punching Bag(21 April 2009)Derek Finchman, “‘What Fools the Curator Also Fools the Collector’,” Illicit Cultural Property … Read More

“Organizing local people can save knowledge”

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In National Geographic’s April 10 story “King of Bling” Tomb Sheds Light on Ancient Peru” the remarkable excavation of Lord of Ucupe was described as “a first”. “This find is particularly important, because it is the first time we have found an individual outside of Sipán that is the same type as some of the leaders found in Sipán,” according … Read More

Chronicle of Higher Education Q and A with Larry Rothfield

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http://chronicle.com/weekly/v55/i32/32b01701.htm From the issue dated April 17, 2009 A Fragile History, Besieged A post-mortem examination of the cultural disaster in Iraq Six years ago this month, the National Museum of Iraq was extensively looted amid the chaos of the U.S. invasion of Baghdad. Among the stolen objects was the Mask of Warka, a 5,100-year-old Sumerian artifact that is believed to … Read More

Earthquake damages Baths of Caracalla

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The ancient Roman Baths of Caracalla have been damaged by earthquake on April 5. According to the New York Times, historical monuments have suffered significant damage as well, including the Romanesque basilica of Santa Maria di Collemaggi and the National Museum of Abruzzo. The destruction has left more than 200 dead and tens of thousands homeless. SAFE sends condolences to … Read More

Six years later, memories of the looted Iraq Museum relived

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On the eve of the sixth anniversary of the looting of the Iraq Museum which spawned the founding of this organization SAFE/Saving Antiquities for Everyone, we urge individuals around the world to pause in commemoration by joining us in the Global Candlelight Vigil, not only for Iraq, but the world over. SAFE Member Leila Amineddoleh takes this opportunity to revisit … Read More

Iraq Welcoming Archaeological Tourism, As Sights Remain Unprotected

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The Iraqi Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities continues its public-relations offensive with the announcement that Iraqi archaeologists have uncovered 4,000 Babylonian artifacts. The good news, dutifully splashed across the headlines by Reuters (“Iraqi Archaeologists unearth Babylonian Treasures”), is engineered to support the Ministry’s agenda, as the article notes: Iraq, which lies in the heart of a region historians call the … Read More