New Exhibition of Recovered Antiquities in Rome

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A new exhibition of recovered antiquities and works of art opened in Rome last week. Further details are available from here. The show includes the Sarpedon krater once owned by New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. There are also pieces returned from other North American collections.

Question of ownership and legality “only part of the picture”

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In a recent interview with the international news program Worldfocus, SAFE president Cindy Ho spoke about the controversy over the Parthenon sculptures (or “Elgin marbles”). Acknowledging the fact that SAFE focuses on looting of a nature other than what has been commonly ascribed to Lord Elgin, Ho used the opportunity to reiterate that the question of ownership and legality regarding … Read More

Oscar Muscarella on “Rogues Gallery”

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Archaeologist Oscar Muscarella reviews Rogues’ Gallery: The Secret History of the Moguls and the Money That Made the Metropolitan Museum by Michael Gross in Scoop. As we have come to expect from the outspoken critic of the illicit antiquities trade and the plunder of artifacts, the review is filled with details and stories only a true insider could tell. Dr. … Read More