A Closer Look at China’s Intentions: Reacting to the New York Times

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On December 17th, the New York Times published an article regarding China’s ongoing international mission to survey and examine Chinese antiquities taken from Beijing’s Old Summer Palace (or Yuanmingyuan 圓明園) that are currently housed in museums and private collections in Britain, the United States, and France. Since the publication of this article, there has been a slew of reaction from … Read More

Court rules: Black Swan treasure is Spain’s “natural, legal patrimony”

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U.S. district judge Steven Merryday today ruled for the return of half-a-million coins and hundreds of gold objects to Spain. The artifacts, which had been recovered by the Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc. had been “illegally taken.” Spain’s cultural ministry said. According to an AFP report, Odyssey (the NASDAQ-traded corporation that specializes in salvaging shipwrecks) “had argued that even though the … Read More

The New York Times and the Met: Too close for comfort (again)?

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In The New York Times December 16 article. Andrew Jacobs writes about a Chinese delegation’s recent visit to US museums to document objects that have been plundered from Yuanmingyuan (Beijing’s “Old Summer Palace”). In 1860, the imperial palace was looted and burnt to the ground by order of James Bruce Elgin, the son of Lord Elgin who took the famed … Read More

Sebastian Heath’s account of CPAC Meeting

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On November 13, Vice-President for Professional Responsibilities of the AIA Sebastian Heath attended the public hearing in Washington DC to review Italy’s request that the bilateral agreement with the US to restrict importation of antiquities be renewed. His account of the hearing has just been posted on AIA’s web site. Such hearings [as well as bilateral agreements, or Memoranda of … Read More