Geneva… Singapore… now Red Hook?

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Known for its “industrial charm”, New York’s Red Hook section in Brooklyn will soon be home to Christie’s Fine Art Storage Services – a subsidiary of the auction house. In Wall Street Journal’s article “The Ultimate Walk-In Closet”, Kelly Crow questions if Christie’s “is walking a delicate line”: balancing clients’ desire for confidentiality and customs’ desire to “deter potential smugglers … Read More

Yet another one…

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This morning, while browsing the web for current Southern Hemisphere antiquities trade news to blog about, I came across the webpage of a company/auction house that, to me, seems as brazen in their sale of unprovenanced and/or recently surfaced artifacts as the world’s largest wholesale auction houses. Indeed, they occasionally have their own auctions! This time I’m talking about Arte … Read More

Due Diligence, Antiquities and Auction-houses

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The decision by Bonhams (London) to withdraw a Roman statue from its sale of antiquities this month has reminded us that auction-houses have yet to take the problem of newly surfaced antiquities seriously. The marble youth featured in the dossier of Polaroids seized from the premises of Giacomo Medici in the Geneva Freeport. Its collecting history (misleadingly termed as “provenance”) … Read More

Looting Matters: Protecting the Cultural Heritage of Italy

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Looting Matters: Protecting the Cultural Heritage of Italy — SWANSEA, Wales, April 16 /PRNewswire/ — Swansea, April 16. The MOU with Italy including a quote from Sebastian Heath, Vice President for Professional Responsibilities at the AIA: “The MOU between the US and Italy serves the interests of the international community by reducing looting and preserving information about the Ancient World”. … Read More

Charges against True and Hecht to be dropped

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Sources close to the case have confirmed that Marion True’s and Bob Hecht’s conspiracy trial in Rome will not end by October 2010. At that time, further prosecution will be barred by a statute of limitations; the case will be dismissed and charges dropped. How will this development affect museum acquisitions? Read about the case in The Medici Conspiracy, winner … Read More

CPAC review of MOU between U.S. and Italy

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Last week, the U.S. Department of State issued a Notice of the Meeting of the Cultural Property Advisory Committee to take place May 6-7, 2010. The committee will review a proposal to extend the MOU between the U.S. and Italy concerning the current import restrictions on archaeological material. You can register to speak or simply sit in during the public … Read More

More from BC Galleries

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Just a few moments ago, while writing the 2nd entry ever for my new blog (which will assist in detailing and tracking the Southern Hemisphere antiquities trade), I came across further evidence that BC Galleries is still attempting to sell Southeast Asian artifacts (specifically deriving from northern Vietnamese “Dong Son” burial sites) with human bones inside them! Not only that, … Read More

The Looting of the Iraq Museum: 7 Years Later

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This weekend marks the 7th anniversary of the tragic looting of the Iraq Museum—an anniversary that is especially important for SAFE. Cindy Ho founded SAFE in response to the mass looting in 2003, and since then, SAFE grew from a single-purpose public awareness campaign into a non-profit organization, the only one of its kind, with a much broader mission. SAFE … Read More