Archaeological Conservation Success in England?

Paul BarfordCommentary2 Comments

Foreign collectors of portable antiquities often hold up the Portable Antiquities Scheme of England and Wales as a model that should be applied by other countries which are a source of the antiquities they want to collect. As one of them said recently: PAS is a system better able to weather lean budgets because it relies on finders to help … Read More

Towards a Bibliography for Looted Antiquities

David GillUpdate8 Comments

One of the long established on-line bibliographies on looted antiquities was created by Hugh Jarvis at Buffalo (“Looting Question“). This resource is intended to be provide a comprehensive overview of what is often a controversial topic, for scholarly and classroom use. Coverage is intended to include extreme perspectives as well as more neutral or consensus-seeking views. The list is extensive, … Read More

Publicity Where Publicity is Due

Damien HufferCommentary2 Comments

The PRNewswire has picked up on a story first aired by Fabio Isman, writing for the Art Newspaper, and now being disseminated and further investigated by David Gill on his Looting Matters blog. It concerns the serious allegation that “a number of antiquities acquired by the National Museum of Archaeology in Madrid appear to feature in the dossier of Polaroid … Read More

Responses to Natural (and Human-Made) Disasters

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It is no surprise that we are quick to react to the destruction of cultural heritage. With the growth of the heritage industry, the public has taken on the responsibility of cleaning up the mess: our own and that of Mother Nature. In addition to SAFE’s public awareness campaign to highlight the destruction caused by the earthquakes in Haiti, other … Read More

Size does not matter

SAFECORNERCommentary1 Comment

When it comes to looting and smuggling antiquities, size does not appear to matter. Not anymore, anyway. Special Agent James McAndrew of the Department of Homeland Security mentioned in a recent presentation that the days are gone when only small portable artifacts are smuggled. Indeed, the case of the 27-ton Tang sarcophagus stolen from the tomb of Tang Empress Wu … Read More

Iraq’s Antiquities Police: The Bitter Fruit of US Indifference to the Looting of Iraq’s Archaeological Heritage

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I have been putting off posting about this front-page New York Times story. In part I’ve delayed because I needed to check some of its facts with colleagues; in part because I and others have been pushing the story to contacts in the US government asking them to do something (and Iraqi colleagues have been mobilizing to do the same … Read More

Giving “victims” of the antiquities trade a voice: science in the public’s interest

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It’s been some time since I’ve written for SAFE, but an article I discovered while searching the bioarchaeological literature for my own research struck me as so incredible, I felt I just had to share it here. This link will lead you to a recent Journal of Forensic Sciences article by Seidemann, Stojanowski and Rich, detailing how they put cutting … Read More