Hate Looting? Take This Opportunity to Support Restrictions on the Import of Undocumented Antiquities

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The cultural heritage of Greece, which spans thousands of years, from the Neolithic to the Byzantine era, is constantly under threat from looters. Why? To supply the illicit antiquities market. The United States remains a major market country for these materials. Recognizing this, the Hellenic Republic has requested a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the US which would require documentation … Read More

Floods threaten Pakistan’s cultural heritage

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The monsoon rains sweeping across Pakistan have seriously destroyed archaeological sites, historical districts, monuments, museums, libraries, rock carvings, ancient tombs, mosques and shrines, according to news reports. While our main concern focuses on human life, we should not forget how floodwaters and landslides also ravage cultural heritage, the other human toll with long-lasting effects that can never be reversed. One … Read More

Greece requests U.S. import restrictions on cultural material

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Greece has made a formal request for the U.S. to impose import restrictions on archaeological and ethnological material (Neolithic through mid-eighteenth century) that comes from the Hellenic Republic. Despite their own efforts and enforcement of national law, Greek officials claim that “a considerable number of antiquities has been and continues to be smuggled out of Greek territory, causing serious jeopardy … Read More