What does the law say about cultural heritage?

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We are pleased to call attention to a helpful document by Christina Luke, entitled ‘Understanding the U.S. Border: Archaeologists, Law Enforcement, and the Preservation of Cultural Heritage‘, aimed “to provide the archaeological community and others with an overview of how law enforcement works to protect cultural heritage; to outline the safeguards offered by cultural heritage law; and to suggest ways … Read More

Britain’s Portable Antiquities Scheme Debated in Archaeological Journal

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. The latest edition (volume 20) of the Papers of the Institute of Archaeology has a timely debate, with a typically thought-provoking and balanced keynote paper by David Gill which asks the fundamental question: “The Portable Antiquities Scheme and the Treasure Act: Protecting the Archaeology of England and Wales?“. This follows the usual format of academic debate in a printed … Read More

Bernard Frischer proposes a solution to looting

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In a December 22 New York Times op-ed piece “Museums Should Dig In,” Bernard Frischer, archaeologist and director of the Virtual World Heritage Laboratory at the University of Virginia, proposed a solution that “would put looters and smugglers out of business while uncovering more of the world’s cultural treasures at far lower cost: excavate archaeological sites themselves.” Frischer previously authored … Read More

Rock Art Vandal Caught

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Just in time for the holiday season, I can report that it appears the individual behind the recent graffiti vandalism of rock art panels within Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, east of Las Vegas, has been apprehended. According to another article from the Las Vegas Sun (brought to my attention by Paul Barford), the chief suspect is a 17 … Read More

“Value of Amateurs” and Heritage Protection

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An ACCG-sponsored PR Newswire press release proclaims that the: ‘Value of Amateurs Is Evident as Financial Woes Cripple Heritage Preservation‘. While there is no doubt that the volunteer sector has never been more active and welcome in heritage preservation initiatives than today, there are dangers inherent in states relying more explicitly upon it (see Heritage Action’s ‘Opposing certain heritage threats … Read More

Spanish Illicit Antiquities Investigation

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In Spain a series of arrests and searches of premises have been carried out aimed at smashing a ring that operated in several Spanish provinces allegedly dealing in illicit antiquities looted from archaeological sites. The ring had clients in the United States, Britain and Germany. There have been 81 arrests and 115 searches so far and thousands of Roman, Medieval … Read More

Vegas Vandalism

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In light of the ongoing Blanding, Utah looting trials and the archaeological damage detection classes offered by ADIA discussed in my last post, I wanted to share two links that serve as an example of one kind of archaeological crime frequently encountered in the western US. Both of these related stories (here and here) were first aired by Las Vegas … Read More