“Wait a moment, this is a person … not a thing”

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Charles Q. Choi of LiveScience tells the story of illegal smuggling of mummies – a practice with a long history – which is a growing segment in the worldwide black market trade in illicit antiquities worth “billions of dollars” today. In “NY Mummy Smugglers Reveal Vast Antiquities Black Market” Choi showcases the July 13 announcement from Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s … Read More

Launch of “Mortimer” Website

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. Launch of Mortimer Website Jul 25, 2011 is”Mortimer” proud to announce the launch of the new Mortimer Petition website. Mortimer is named in honour of the great pioneer of popular, public archaeology, and TV Personality of the Year two years running, Sir Mortimer Wheeler. Mortimer is not affiliated to any political party, commercial company or existing archaeological organisation. It … Read More

Two halves of “The Weary Herakles” to reunite, but…

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For those concerned about doing the right thing about cultural heritage, the case of the “Weary Herakles” has awaited resolution for the past three decades. Naturally, there is a sense of relief when Geoff Edgers reported that the statue will be “made whole” after all this time, referring to the apparent agreement to return the top part of the statue … Read More

Embracing cultural and natural heritage – one site at a time

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A workshop on Management and Conservation of World Heritage Sites at the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) in Hiroshima in July illustrated the power of protecting spaces of cultural and natural uniqueness. Do you remember the video game Pac-Man? Pac-Man busily eats up as many dots as possible. Don’t we humans tend to act quite similarly in … Read More

Alleged Smuggling Ring Investigated

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. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) agents claim to have dismantled an organization responsible for conspiring to smuggle Egyptian Middle Eastern and Asian antiquities into the United States and conspiring to launder money in furtherance of smuggling. Three people were arrested, two antiquities dealers and a collector, while a fourth person, a Jordanian antiquities dealer … Read More

Repatriation Effects: Greece’s National Archaeological Museum

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In the Galleries: While we all revile the looting of archaeological sites and the illicit trade of artifacts, we can now begin to review the effects of the repatriation of ancient material back to the countries of origin. Here I am not referring to Native American remains, but the statues and vases created by the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean. … Read More

Terrorism and the illicit antiquities trade: A new documentary

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Romain Bolzinger’s documentary film about the looting, trading of illicit antiquities and the role of terrorism “Trafic d’art: le trésor de guerre du terrorisme” has been now released as a Canal+ Spécial Investigation program. Among experts interviewed in the US for the film are archaeologist Abdulamir Hamdani and Col. Matthew Bogdanos. Dr. Donny George, who had a prominent role in … Read More

Antiques vs. Antiquities: A Case Study from Malta

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In advance of a longer, more detailed post that I am currently researching regarding the legal and contextual differences inherent in the selling of archaeological “antiquities” vs. ethnographic/historic “antiques,” let me present a case study that has just come to my attention. According to an article in The Times of Malta, a private seller has attempted to list an “antique” … Read More