CPAC to review requests by Bulgaria and Belize for Memoranda of Understanding with the U.S.

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The U.S. Department of State has issued a Notice of the Meeting of the Cultural Property Advisory Committee to take place November 15-17, 2011. The Committee will begin its review of new cultural property requests from the Governments of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Belize seeking import restrictions on archaeological and ethnological material. On November 16, an … Read More

Belize 6, Bulgaria 1, Dodge City 50

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The governments of Belize and Bulgaria have requested (under article 9 of the 1970 UNESCO Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Cultural Property) the help of the US in curbing the smuggling of artefacts out of the countries. The details of these requests can be found on the AIA webpage: “Preserving … Read More

“Chasing Aphrodite” Fall Book Tour comes to NYC

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The 2011 SAFE Beacon Award Winners are busy traveling the East Coast this fall discussing their book, Chasing Aphrodite. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet Jason Felch this October in New York City. Lecture and Book Signing October 24, 6 pm Silver Center Room 300 Washington Square East New York University “Jason Felch will give a presentation about … Read More

Hungarian Archaeologists Express Concern over Modification of Cultural Heritage Protection Law

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SAFE was recently contacted by Merva Szabina – a Hungarian archaeologist – asking for our help in publicizing a danger to Hungary’s archaeological heritage. We are happy to spread the word and lend our support. Here is a brief summary of the situation provided by Merva Szabina: “The Archaeological Heritage is in extreme danger in Hungary. According to archaeologists, a new … Read More

A Sigh of Relief in Libya

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After months of negative reporting on heritage sites in the Middle East, finally there is some good news from all five of Libya’s UNESCO heritage sites. Both the 2,000 year old Roman city of Sabratha and the ruins of Leptis Magna, which had been occupied by Anti-Gaddafi forces since August, sustained little damage. In fact, Fadel Ali Mohammad, Libya’s new … Read More

“Operation CERBERUS Action”: Neither overkill nor justice

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The September 24 Deseret News raised the question: “Overkill or justice? Costly 5-year-old artifacts case nets no prison time and 3 suicides, but retrieves Native American treasures and raises awareness”. The case referred to is Operation CERBERUS Action, aimed at the illegal trafficking of Native American artifacts in the Four Corners area, previously discussed here. SAFE has expressed disappointment over … Read More

What is meant by a “private collection”?

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Heads from the Schinoussa Archive A pair of Greek terracotta protomai are due to be sold at Christie’s (London) this week (lot 69). They are said to have been in a London private collection. Yet the pair of heads appear to be the same as those featured in the Schinoussa Archive seized in Greece. If so, the “private collection” is … Read More