Why should I reconsider digging around for treasure in Alaska like I saw on TV?

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Alaska is the largest state in the United States, but the least densely populated. Before contact with Europeans in the 18th century, the Alaskan peninsula was populated by numerous native tribes, many of which still inhabit the state today. The end of the 19th century saw the transfer of the territory from Russian to American protection and also saw the … Read More

“Diggers” and “American Digger”: A Viewers’ Guide

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On February 28th NatGeo TV premiered “Diggers” (hosted by the principals at Anaconda Treasure) and on March 21st Spike TV premiered “American Digger,” both reality shows which feature self described treasure hunters who travel around the US shovel in hand. It is important to keep in mind while watching this show that there are Federal, State and Local laws that protect … Read More

Respect Our History: End Production of American Digger and Diggers!

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The undersigned institutions join the growing tide of concern about the National Geographic Channel’s new series “Diggers” and Spike TV’s forthcoming series “American Digger,” both of which are designed to amuse and entertain audiences while glorifying the indiscriminate destruction of American history by artifact hunters. The teaser advertisement for “American Digger” gives a good indication of how little the producers … Read More

FROM THE FIELD: Speaking with Omara Khan Massoudi, Director of the National Museum of Afghanistan

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Omara Khan Massoudi is more of a permanent feature at the National Museum of Afghanistan than many of the collections that are housed there. Now the director, he has worked at the Kabul museum for more than three decades: a tumultuous period that bore witness to the Soviet occupation, Mujahideen civil war, and Taliban regime, when irreplaceable collections were relocated … Read More

WikiLoot – An Invitation to Everyone to Join the Hunt for Looted Antiquities

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Bonhams lot 137-3 from Looting Matters

Jason Felch and Ralph Frammolino, authors of Chasing Aphrodite and our most recent Beacon Award winners, are developing a powerful new tool in the fight against the illicit antiquities trade, WikiLoot.  Read all about it on their blog, Chasing Aphrodite. This is a breakthrough project for at least a few reasons. First, WikiLoot would bring out in the open information … Read More

Memo to Spike: please ask Scott or Dierdre Gurney to return our phone call

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On February 27, as the number of signatures on the Change.org online petition protesting the new 13-episode Spike TV reality program American Digger continued to grow (at the moment, the signatures total is more than 17,500), SAFE spoke to Spike TV Senior Vice President David Schwarz to learn more about the program and request a telephone conversation with American Digger … Read More

US sets aside $79 Million for UNESCO

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Four months after pulling funding from UNESCO, the US State Department has added $79 million to its proposed budget for the UN agency in order to obtain a Congressional legal waiver so that funding can be restored. The US pulled its UNESCO funding, nearly 22% of the organizations overall funding, after the organization granted full membership to the Palestinian Authority … Read More

Sotheby’s “Off-Base” on Cambodian Antiquities Again

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Sotheby's catalog featuring Cambodia statue

It appears that Sotheby’s is in hot water yet again in relation to their unscrupulous selling of Khmer antiquities. A news article has come to my attention concerning the recovery and repatriation of a c. 950 AD warrior statue, likely looted from the site of Koh Ker during the Vietnam/American War. The Cambodian government recently asked the US for help … Read More