Stolen Relief of Seti I Returns to Egypt

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Seti I Relief

This week, a New Kingdom limestone relief from the reign of Seti I was returned to Egypt after it had been smuggled out of the country following illegal excavations. It was recovered from an auction hall in London, England, and, after two months of negotiations, was returned to Egypt on Monday. The return of the relief is a successful example … Read More


Archaeologist and social media activist Dr. Monica Hanna risks her own life to focus worldwide attention to the looting problem in Egypt. Dr. Hanna's lecture, aptly titled “Saving Ancient Egypt, One Tweet at a Time: How Social Media is Saving One of the World’s Oldest Civilizations," focused on the many problems that Egypt now faces and her novel use of ... Read More

TRACY MUSACCHIO: “Egypt: Exploration and Exploitation”

Tours on the history of the exploration (and exploitation) of Egypt and how the looting throughout the 18th and 19th centuries created a market for Egyptian antiquities. Professor Musacchio graduated from Brown University with a degree in Egyptology. After graduate work in the same field at the University of Pennsylvania, she joined the faculty of the History Department of John Jay College/CUNY. ... Read More

MONICA HANNA: “Discover Ancient Egypt”

SAFE Beacon Award Winner Egyptian archaeologist led SAFE Tours a at the Metropolitan Museum and the Brooklyn Museum on her visit to New York. Join Egyptian archaeologist Dr. Monica Hanna, 2014 SAFE Beacon Award Winner, as she leads us through the Egyptian galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum. Right in front of some of the world’s most renowned ... Read More


Egypt has long been viewed as an exotic land of plenty, with its glittering tombs and mysterious hieroglyphs. For centuries, Egyptian archeological sites have been looted to feed the black market trade in antiquities. With so many priceless artifacts wrenched from their home in Egypt, it feels as though we are fighting an impossible battle. This situation is particularly acute ... Read More

Public hearing on Egypt’s request for import restrictions of antiquities into the US

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On June 2, 2014 the Cultural Property Advisory Committee (CPAC) held a public session in consideration of Egypt’s request for a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to impose import restrictions on certain categories of archaeological artifacts into the US. There were approximately 40 attendees in addition to the members of the Committee and Cultural Heritage Center personnel. Of the 11 presenters, eight spoke in support of … Read More

The Front Line in the Battle for Egypt’s Heritage

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On Monday the 14th April I was fortunate enough to attend the Washington, DC, lecture featuring Dr. Monica Hanna entitled “The Arab Spring and the State of Egypt’s Antiquities,” which was held at the Woodrow Wilson Center and co-hosted by The Antiquities Coalition. From Dr. Hanna’s presentation, there seems to be very few sites in Egypt left that have not been dug … Read More

Egypt’s heritage: a global concern

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SAFE has added Egypt to the “A Global Concern” section of our web site. With recent updates on the dangers to cultural heritage resulting from political unrest, looting, and encroaching civilization, these pages aim to create an overview of what Egypt stands to lose, how cultural heritage is endangered, the market demand for Egyptian antiquities, what Egypt is doing to safeguard its own … Read More

SAFE takes “Say YES to Egypt’s Heritage” buttons to Egypt

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SAFE launched “Say YES to Egypt” campaign three years ago in response to the frightening news about the looting and destruction of Egypt’s cultural heritage. Our goal was to raise awareness about the situation and show solidarity for the people in Egypt. Thanks to your enthusiastic response, buttons were distributed around the globe, from Greece to Australia to Sweden to Canada – check … Read More