Members of the STAFF (SAFE Taking Action For the Future) get the work done. Whether it’s social media posting, research, writing, designing, outreach, strategic planning, we’re the force behind the force called SAFE, saving antiquities for everyone. Whatever it takes, whatever we can do.
We are professionals, students and scholars and we’ve committed to take time out of our lives and “day jobs” to support SAFE. Why? Because we want to have a say in the future of our past, and we’d like you to as well.

Rachel Dewan

Co-Executive Director

Paige is passionate about fighting the illicit antiquities trade and grateful to have been a part of the SAFE team since 2014.  With a BA in Religion from Cornell College, Paige is now pursuing her MA in Egyptian Art and Archaeology from the University of Memphis.

While studying archaeological tourism in India during 2011, she discovered her love of heritage preservation, and the importance of protecting temple artifacts from looting and illegal collecting.  She has previously assisted the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Cultural Heritage Center with the Safeguarding the Heritage of Syria Initiative on projects aimed at protecting archaeological sites in Syria and Iraq. She has excavated mass graves in England and worked as the Executive Director for the Charles Gagnon Museum in Rochester, Minnesota.  

Little Shiva

Co-Executive Director

Debora recently completed her PhD in anthropology from the University of Texas at Austin where her research investigated the use of monumental architecture at the Maya site of La Milpa in Belize. Prior to her doctoral studies, she lived and studied in London, where she completed an MA and BA in archaeology from University College London. Debora has maintained a passion for cultural heritage issues, writing her MA thesis on heritage management in Belize, and continuing to integrate her archaeological field work with public outreach initiatives. For Debora, nothing is more rewarding than seeing that little lightbulb go on when her students or members of the public understand the value and excitement of archaeological investigation.

Little Shiva

Assistant Director

Nicole received her M.A. in Near Eastern Archaeology from Durham University in 2012. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Anthropology at the University of Texas at Austin, specializing in Andean Archaeology.

Nicole is a member of The Antiquities Coalition’s #CultureUnderThreat Task Force, aiding in the creation of policy recommendations for the U.S. Government and United Nations. She works on the Syrian Heritage Destruction Database, directed by Dr. Emma Cunliffe, cataloging and assessing cultural heritage damage and looting across Syria. She is also a co-committee member of UT Antiquities Action and has worked at the Northeast Archaeological Research Center, the Texas Historical Commission and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in the Art of the Ancient World Department.

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  • Lillia McEnaney

    Content Coordinator and Web Editor

    Lillia McEnaney is a senior at Hamilton College and is double majoring in Archaeology and Religious Studies. Lillia has worked as an intern for various museums and cultural institutions across the United States, as a teaching and research assistant, and on field projects in Greece and Macedonia. She is interested in North American archaeology and anthropology, the U.S. Southwest, museum anthropology, digital archaeology, and indigenous rights, sovereignty, and representation. In her role at SAFE, Lillia aims to raise awareness about the widespread and unpublicized looting, trafficking, and sale of American Indian cultural patrimony.  
  • Clarissa Reis

    Newsletter Coordinator

    Clarissa is an enthusiastic International Relations student at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her research field concerns the international illicit traffic in art and antiquities, and how it affects the access to the past’s knowledge in developing countries. She is a tenacious researcher and a voracious reader, and also enjoys traveling and having contact with different cultures.
  • Paula Gheoghiade

    Social Media Coordinator

    Paula Gheorghiade is a PhD candidate in Art History and Aegean archaeology at the University of Toronto, where her research focuses on ceramic imports and trade with Crete during the Late Bronze Age. Paula’s love for archaeology and cultural heritage was ignited when, at the age of 7, she first visited the Roman city of Porolissum, in modern day Romania. For the past 7 years, she has participated in numerous archaeological excavations in Spain and Italy, and more recently in Greece.  Paula loves to spend her free time hiking, travelling, reading, and talking to people about archaeology.

  • Sarah Elvisizor

    Toolkits Coordinator

    Sarah Evilsizor has volunteered and worked in the arts sector for more than a decade. Her passion for object preservation was kindled when she was examining a Durer Apocalypse woodcut at the Honolulu Academy of Arts and a First Friday patron stumbled into the gallery waving a full martini glass. Since then, she has been committed to advocating awareness of culture heritage in crisis, whether in museums or conflict zones, and to promoting policies and practices which mitigate vulnerabilities to objects and sites. She works at a public library which has a great art book collection.



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