Interested in interning at SAFE? Just do it. Here’s why…

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For the last three months I’ve been interning at Saving Antiquities for Everyone, and the experience has been absolutely incredible. I’ve always been interested in the issues surrounding stolen art, but it wasn’t until I began working at SAFE that I realized how devastating an impact looting has on our understanding of past societies. While a stolen painting can be … Read More

Say YES to Egypt’s Heritage!

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Egypt is in a state of turmoil. Life is lost while the people of Egypt continue to fight for democracy and freedom. But while the safety of human life is our first priority, there is another aspect of humanity that we must not forget: Egypt’s cultural heritage. Why? Because “wars end, and shattered lives, communities and societies must be rebuilt.” (Nature, Vol … Read More

Faking It: A Case for Museums of “Fakes”

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Jibaozhai Museum

You may have heard in the news last week that a Chinese Museum has been forced to close following evidence revealing much of its collection to be fake. The museum reportedly cost more than 60 million yuan to build, with twelve exhibition halls of what are now apparently brilliant fakes. The Jibaozhai Museum in Hebai opened in 2010 and has … Read More

Can a Picasso save the Phoenicians?

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Tyre world heritage site

“Who wants those old things when they could just get new ones?” That’s a joke a friend of mine made when I shared some of my work with SAFE. Although a joke, I thought this raised an interesting dichotomy that isn’t often explored in cultural heritage circles: When does a work of art or object transition from being part of … Read More

10 Years After: Have We Done Enough?

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I’m currently studying history of art with archaeology at University College London, and I’m SAFE’s new intern for summer 2013. I’ll be working primarily on the Middle East raising awareness about the danger to sites in those countries as well as doing research on the market for antiquities from sites in those regions. I will also be contributing to the SAFE … Read More