Returns to Italy from North America

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Sculptures/antiquities returned to Italy-Returns to Italy from North America-

Various antiquities from Princeton University Art Museum, a healthcare company, a New York gallery, and a New York private collector linked to the Metropolitan Museum of Art have been returned to Italy. It is hoped that a more detailed list will appear shortly. The museum and gallery have already returned items to Italy.

What is meant by a “private collection”?

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Heads from the Schinoussa Archive A pair of Greek terracotta protomai are due to be sold at Christie’s (London) this week (lot 69). They are said to have been in a London private collection. Yet the pair of heads appear to be the same as those featured in the Schinoussa Archive seized in Greece. If so, the “private collection” is … Read More

Getty to return two antiquities to Greece

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The J. Paul Getty Museum has agreed to return two antiquities to Greece. Both were acquired during the 1970s. Two fragments of a funerary relief have long been known to fit a third fragment in the Kanellopoulos Collection in Athens. The reunification of this monument would justify this return. It should be noted that the source for the fragments was … Read More

Research Publications on the Antiquities Trade

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The basis of my research on the antiquities trade has been based on a series of publications (many with my colleague Christopher Chippindale).  I published the list on Looting Matters and reproduce it here for convenience. (with K. Butcher) ‘Mischievous pastime or historical science?’, review article of Minerva, in Antiquity 64 (1990), 946-50. [ISSN 0003-598X] [online] (with Christopher Chippindale) ‘Material … Read More

Towards a Bibliography for Looted Antiquities

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One of the long established on-line bibliographies on looted antiquities was created by Hugh Jarvis at Buffalo (“Looting Question“). This resource is intended to be provide a comprehensive overview of what is often a controversial topic, for scholarly and classroom use. Coverage is intended to include extreme perspectives as well as more neutral or consensus-seeking views. The list is extensive, … Read More

Reflecting on Seized Antiquities from 2009

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In 2009 three antiquities were seized from a single New York auction-house: one just prior to the sale, and two subsequent to it (after being sold for c. $120,000). The auction-house co-operated fully in 2009 and subsequently stated (over the later seizure) that “the transparency of the public auction system combined with the efforts from the U.S. ICE and foreign … Read More

Due Diligence, Antiquities and Auction-houses

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The decision by Bonhams (London) to withdraw a Roman statue from its sale of antiquities this month has reminded us that auction-houses have yet to take the problem of newly surfaced antiquities seriously. The marble youth featured in the dossier of Polaroids seized from the premises of Giacomo Medici in the Geneva Freeport. Its collecting history (misleadingly termed as “provenance”) … Read More

Looting Matters: Protecting the Cultural Heritage of Italy

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Looting Matters: Protecting the Cultural Heritage of Italy — SWANSEA, Wales, April 16 /PRNewswire/ — Swansea, April 16. The MOU with Italy including a quote from Sebastian Heath, Vice President for Professional Responsibilities at the AIA: “The MOU between the US and Italy serves the interests of the international community by reducing looting and preserving information about the Ancient World”. … Read More