What Do You Think? – The Louvre as a Repository for Endangered Cultural Heritage?

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Earlier this month, the French president, François Hollande, suggested that the Louvre Museum in Paris could possibly become a safe haven for at-risk international cultural heritage. In 2019, the museum will open a new €60m conservation facility in Lievin, France that, in addition to holding the collections of the museum, could also serve as a repository for endangered objects from … Read More

The legal framework for the destruction of cultural heritage in Timbuktu during 2012-2013: Concluding considerations (7/7)

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Man in Timbuktu. Photo credit: Mission de l'ONU au Mali - UN Mission in Mali via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

The destruction of Sufi shrines and ancient manuscripts in Timbuktu, Mali, received a good deal of intention from the national and international community. Attitudes to cultural heritage has occasionally been criticized for being euro-centric. The prosecution of Ahmad Al Faqi Al Mahdi for the destruction of the shrines by the ICC under the Rome Statute, the action taken to safeguard … Read More

Free Ports Bound to Cultural Property Trafficking Ties

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Conspiracies and beliefs that important things that affect us are being concealed from us are a part of our daily discourse as modern societies. The revelations in the wake of the recently released Panama Papers forced people to consider some unnerving things about how the legal industry can use its vast, liberating knowledge to help powerful people conduct business in … Read More

Gary Vikan’s Life in Living Color at the Walters Art Museum

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Gary Vikan is a vivacious character who enjoys regaling people with vivid yarns about art and life. He is the former director of the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland who stepped down in 2013. The Walters hosts a vast collection of art, artifacts, and antiquities. Last year, Mr. Vikan published his memoir “Sacred and Stolen: Confessions of a Museum … Read More

The legal framework for destruction of cultural heritage in Timbuktu during 2012-2013: Further legal considerations (6/7)

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The Tomb of Askia standing 17 m tall. Photo credit: UNESCO Africa

Destruction of World Heritage The UNESCO Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage of 1972 ought to be considered in connection to the conflict in Mali and the destruction of its cultural heritage. Especially so, considering that the targeted shrines were considered World Heritage as a part of the inscribed city of Timbuktu, and as it … Read More

Palmyra Comes to New York

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Image via The Institute for Digital Archaeology

On September 19th, the Oxford-based Institute for Digital Archaeology [IDA] unveiled their scaled down 3D model of Palmyra’s Arch of Triumph. Previously shown for the first time in London’s Trafalgar Square, the arch now resides in New York’s City Hall Park. The world turned to Syria after the destruction of Palmyra in October 2015. As one of the most well-known … Read More

Exclusive SAFE Interview: Dr. Leslie Anne Warden

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Leslie Warden

In this Exclusive SAFE Interview, Dr. Leslie Anne Warden, Egyptologist and Professor at Roanoke College, discusses her role as an archaeologist to preserve and protect Egyptian heritage, as well as the importance of education to combat threats such as looting and heritage site destruction.   Please describe your academic/professional background and how your passion for ancient Egypt began. When I … Read More

The legal framework for destruction of cultural heritage in Timbuktu during 2012-2013: A War-crime? (5/7)

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Ansar Dine. Photo credit: Magharebia

Both of the cases in Timbuktu involve the destruction of tangible cultural heritage. The intention to destroy these bodies is set within the context of conflict and may be interpreted in relation to it or as a result of it. The events therefore may be considered within such international frameworks:   The Hague Convection for the Protection of Cultural Property … Read More

The Syrian Open Market, the Western Appetite for Antiquities, and the Consumption of Fakes

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Everybody in the West is counterfeit fighting!! It’s because those Syrian smugglers were fast as lightning! In fact, to see experts colluding with them was a little bit frightening! They sold fake antiquities with expert timing! Apologies for the corny take on Carl Douglas’s classic Kung-Fu exploitation song “Kung Fu Fighting (1974).” However, I felt like it was appropriate because experts and law enforcement are in … Read More