Cyprus, coins and the American interest

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The recent renewal of the U.S.-Cyprus bilateral agreement to restrict importation of certain categories of antiquities into the U.S. could have taken place with little fanfare. In fact, similar agreements the U.S. had previously signed with Bolivia (extended in 2006), Colombia (initiated in 2006) and Nicaragua (extended in 2005) were hardly mentioned in the general media. The U.S. extension of … Read More

Looking beyond 2007

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In early November 2006 I gave a seminar to our university research group on the return of Italian antiquities from Boston. The news was just breaking about the Getty agreement – the list included many of the museum’s ‘Masterpieces’. Then ten months later the Getty’s list has become much longer. The analysis of collectors, dealers and galleries is changing by … Read More

Candlelight Vigil for the Iraq Museum in Toronto, Ontario

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Toronto school vigil poster

Date: Thursday, April 12 2007 Place: Forest Hill Public School, Toronto, Ontario — Grade Five Program: After a short presentation by SAFE Member Leah Bevington on the tragedy of the Iraq Museum and how the looting of artifacts and the black market in illicit antiquities undermine the study of ancient civilizations, the class watched the Global Candlelight Vigil invitation video. … Read More

Italy and the Met

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Three decades of controversy finally resolved? On February 2, 2006, the Metropolitan Museum of Art made an announcement that it would be turning a number of objects in its collection over to Italian ownership. On February 21, Philippe de Montebello, the director of the Met, and Rocco Buttiglione, Italy’s Minister of Culture, finally signed an official accord that cemented the … Read More