Dr. Stephennie Mulder Joins SAFE

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Stephennie Mulder

 SAFE would like to welcome Dr. Stephennie Mulder to the team! Dr. Mulder specializes in Islamic architecture and archaeology. She has also worked at numerous sites in Syria, Egypt, and Turkey. In addition, she is an Associate Professor of Islamic Art and Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin and has authored the book The Shrines of the ‘Alids … Read More

Announcing the 2015 SAFE Beacon Award

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Dr. Khaled al-Asaad

On Friday, January 8th at the Archaeological Institute of America’s Annual Meeting in San Francisco, SAFE will present its 2015 SAFE Beacon Award. Since 2004, the SAFE Beacon Awards have recognized outstanding achievement in raising public awareness about our endangered cultural heritage, the importance of heritage protection and conservation, and the devastating consequences of the illicit antiquities trade. This year, … Read More

Find Your Favorite Gift and Support Our Mission!

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SAFE tote bag

Looking for a special gift for that special someone (or yourself)? Stop by the SAFE store and pick-up a unique gift that spreads the word about saving our past for the future! Check out our selection of t-shirts, tote bags, coffee mugs, and more! Just click the link here.    

Congratulations, Cindy Ho!

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Cindy Ho

On Thursday, January 7, 2016, the Archaeological Institute of America will be recognizing the hard work and tireless dedication of SAFE’s founder, Cindy Ho, with its 2016 Outstanding Public Service Award. All of us here at SAFE are immensely proud of Cindy and offer our congratulations on this well-deserved award! We are incredibly thankful for Cindy’s many years of unwavering … Read More

Bring Home Memories, Not Loot

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SAFE / Saving Antiquities For Everyone

Over the past year, the SAFE team has been hard at work creating new public resources to be used by diverse groups of people wishing to advocate for cultural heritage preservation. Though still a work in progress, various components of our “SAFE Toolkits” will be released on our website over the coming months. These toolkits will be filled with resources … Read More

Announcing the New Faces of SAFE!

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Douglas R Boin

Over the past few weeks, Saving Antiquities for Everyone has been revealing the “new SAFE.” We have unveiled a new website, started a new campaign…now SAFE is very proud to announce a new team! At the head of the Board of Directors, Dr. Douglas R. Boin has been elected to serve as SAFE’s President. Dr. Boin is an Assistant Professor of Ancient and Late Antique Mediterranean History at Saint Louis University who has published two books and several … Read More

SAFE Annual Meeting 2015 Announcement

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SAFE/Saving Antiquities for Everyone, Inc. will hold its Annual Meeting on Sunday, May 17, 2015 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm on East 88th Street in New York City. Reports from SAFE’s 2014/2015 year will be presented, and members of the SAFE Board of Directors and STAFF will discuss future plans for the organization. SAFE values all input and opinions. As … Read More

United States’ heritage: country overview

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Artifacts illegally excavated from a prehistoric Native American site on a Southern Illinois National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) were seized by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)

SAFE has added a U.S. country overview to the “A Global Concern” page of its website. Many people are not aware of the fact that looting and illegal sales of artifacts frequently take place in the United States. This overview of Native American and non-Native heritages in the United States and the threats they face therefore adds an important layer … Read More

White House March to stop ISIS from destroying what remains of Mesopotamian Civilization: Tuesday, March 10, 2015. Organized by Jabbar Jaafar and Abdul Amir AL Hamdani

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This following Media Advisory is posted at the request of the organizers Jabbar Jaafar and Abdul Amir AL Hamdani. Contact: Jabbar Jaafar Phone: 703-459-6004 E-mail:  Jabbar.jafar@gmail.com Urgent action is needed to stop ISIS’s barbaric acts against Iraq’s and international heritage We are cultural and archaeological activists preparing to kick off a campaign in Washington, DC to urge and pressure the policy and decision makers to take immediate … Read More

Iraq’s heritage: a global concern

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SAFE has added Iraq to the “A Global Concern” page of its website. SAFE was founded in 2003 in response to the looting of the Iraq Museum in Baghdad. This overview of Iraq’s heritage and the threats it faces, therefore, adds an important layer of meaning to the mission and cause of SAFE. Heather Lee, a summer 2014 intern, explores … Read More