Alaaddin Mosque Restoration Scandal Investigated

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In Antalya, Turkey – a city surrounded by the Taurus Mountains, the Mediterranean coast, and much to do – the crown gate of the Alaaddin Mosque underwent restoration. However, it was recently revealed that the structure had been broken into pieces and that no visible measures had been taken to protect the very rare stones, which dated back 800 years. The … Read More

SAFE at the 2016 AIA Annual Meeting

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San Francisco 1

Last week, from January 6th to 9th, I was thrilled to attend the 117th Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America in San Francisco. All of us at SAFE were particularly proud to be in attendance this year, both for the presentation of SAFE’s 2015 Beacon Award, and to celebrate SAFE’s founder, Cindy Ho, as she was honored by … Read More

Help SAFE #HonorNepal

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SAFE’s campaign of protecting cultural heritage extends to a global perspective. In the right context, the world’s past is the world’s future and protecting Nepal’s past means saving history that is our own. Having one of the highest concentrations of UNESCO world heritage sites in the world, Nepal is a nation who’s cultural legacy affects us all. The devastating earthquake this … Read More

Give History a Future: Donate Today



The looting and destruction of cultural heritage robs us all of an irreplaceable part of our human story. Through grassroots campaigning and fact-based research, SAFE/Saving Antiquities for Everyone strives to raise awareness and encourage engagement as the long-term, sustainable solution to protect the legacy of our ancestors. As 2015 comes to a close, SAFE/Saving Antiquities for Everyone is especially grateful to … Read More



Hagia Triada Sarcophagus, Crete (detail)

Today is GivingTuesday, a global movement to celebrate and encourage activities that support charities and non profits after the commercial frenzy of the past weekend. The rush of Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone; now, as December begins and we usher in the holidays, it’s time to focus on the real joys of the season: love, joy, peace, … Read More

Announcing the New Faces of SAFE!

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Douglas R Boin

Over the past few weeks, Saving Antiquities for Everyone has been revealing the “new SAFE.” We have unveiled a new website, started a new campaign…now SAFE is very proud to announce a new team! At the head of the Board of Directors, Dr. Douglas R. Boin has been elected to serve as SAFE’s President. Dr. Boin is an Assistant Professor of Ancient and Late Antique Mediterranean History at Saint Louis University who has published two books and several … Read More

The best ways to share your projects and ideas with SAFE

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SAFE provides several platforms for raising awareness about our concerns for cultural heritage. We also encourage public engagement. SAFECONNECT – The Cultural Heritage Network and our Facebook group were created to enable all those interested in concrete ways to save the past for our future to share their projects and ideas. “What Do You Think?” on this blog offers another open forum. We welcome your submissions … Read More

2014 SAFE Beacon Award raises public awareness


True to its mission, SAFE accomplished its goal to help maximize the impact of Dr. Monica Hanna’s message in the United States — a major market country for Egyptian antiquities — by honoring her with the 2014 SAFE Beacon Award on April 10, 2014. The SAFE team’s months of preparation paid off handsomely with featured coverage in the New York Times, the PBS “NewsHour” and on live radio with WNYC, the New York … Read More

Egypt’s heritage: a global concern

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SAFE has added Egypt to the “A Global Concern” section of our web site. With recent updates on the dangers to cultural heritage resulting from political unrest, looting, and encroaching civilization, these pages aim to create an overview of what Egypt stands to lose, how cultural heritage is endangered, the market demand for Egyptian antiquities, what Egypt is doing to safeguard its own … Read More

SAFE takes “Say YES to Egypt’s Heritage” buttons to Egypt

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SAFE launched “Say YES to Egypt” campaign three years ago in response to the frightening news about the looting and destruction of Egypt’s cultural heritage. Our goal was to raise awareness about the situation and show solidarity for the people in Egypt. Thanks to your enthusiastic response, buttons were distributed around the globe, from Greece to Australia to Sweden to Canada – check … Read More