Background on Bears Ears: Why is its future is so contentious?

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The unusual and beautiful land that now makes up Bears Ears National Monument has been central to various cultures for thousands of years. In the proclamation that made 1.3 million acres of this land into a National Monument, President Obama called it “one of the densest and most significant cultural landscapes in the United States.” This striking landscape contains the remains … Read More

The Joans of Frémiet

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Joan of Arc Statue, Philidelphia

Symbolizing nationalism and military superiority, Joan of Arc is one of the greatest icons of French culture, and has therefore become the subject of intellectual and political thought and significant art and sculpture.  Among the socio-political uncertainty, the 100 Years War in the 15th century, Joan of Arc emerged as the image of stability. Credited with turning the tide of … Read More

Updated Country Profiles: A Global Concern

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SAFE recently unveiled three new country profiles that are of A Global Concern: Ethiopia, Libya, and Vietnam. Rebecca Jones, a SAFE volunteer and PhD student at Australian National University, wrote our first new page, Global Concern: Vietnam. Her article focused on the diversity of Vietnamese cultural heritage, underwater archaeology, and the local and international market demand for illicit antiquities. Jones also … Read More

Thangka Paintings: The Legacy of the Silk Road

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The Silk Road is one of the most fascinating periods in world history, connecting the East to the West through Han China and the Roman Empire. Yet, it is also one of the most elusive. Despite the lack of written records, historians have managed to partially reconstruct the nature of the Silk Road and have found it to be symbolic … Read More

Avarice and Semi-Automatics off the Aegean

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The intrepid work of Greek police dismantled a criminal ring of armed smugglers recently. Its investigation was a pain-staking 14 months. Authorities believe that the syndicate is made up of about 50 people. Around October 5, 2016, 26 people were arrested with guns, cash, fake license plates, and metal detectors. They were caught smuggling several ancient Greek artifacts, including glassware; … Read More

Free Ports Bound to Cultural Property Trafficking Ties

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Conspiracies and beliefs that important things that affect us are being concealed from us are a part of our daily discourse as modern societies. The revelations in the wake of the recently released Panama Papers forced people to consider some unnerving things about how the legal industry can use its vast, liberating knowledge to help powerful people conduct business in … Read More

The Syrian Open Market, the Western Appetite for Antiquities, and the Consumption of Fakes

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Everybody in the West is counterfeit fighting!! It’s because those Syrian smugglers were fast as lightning! In fact, to see experts colluding with them was a little bit frightening! They sold fake antiquities with expert timing! Apologies for the corny take on Carl Douglas’s classic Kung-Fu exploitation song “Kung Fu Fighting (1974).” However, I felt like it was appropriate because experts and law enforcement are in … Read More

The Antiquities Coalition Joins CLIR on Planning for Digital Library of the Middle East

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From our partners at The Antiquities Coalition: The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded the Council on Library and Information Resources $149,500 to support exploratory research, community building, and technical prototyping for the Digital Library of the Middle East (DLME). Along with the horrific loss of life and human suffering in the region, the cultural heritage of many nations in the … Read More