Florida Archaeologists Condemn Proposed ‘Citizen Archaeology’ Permit

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A recently proposed bill in Florida, House Bill 803, has the potential to change the cultural resource laws in the state. If passed, the bill would allow anyone who has purchased a permit at the cost of $100, to excavate by hand or with a trowel artifacts located on state lands. It would also allow for the display and sale of such artifacts as long as their excavated location is reported to the state.

State archaeologists however, are concerned that the bill would support looting. They feel that with the removal of artifacts, the contextual information used to reconstruct the meaning behind these artifacts would be lost.

You can read the full article here.

Photo: Clovis points from the Rummells-Maske Cache Site, Iowa. Credit: Wikipedia.

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One Comment on ““Florida Archaeologists Condemn Proposed ‘Citizen Archaeology’ Permit”

  1. Jason Strong

    I think working in archaeology would be an awesome job to have. Being able to handle pieces of history and determine the various parts about it sounds amazing to me. This kind of work changes laws and other parts of culture like it did in Florida.

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