Simple tools and steps to help spread the word about the global awareness campaign. See them in use to commemorate the looting of the Iraq Museum.

The Donny George Candlelight Vigil for Global Heritage is designed to encourage all those concerned to participate. Please help us spread the word that the plunder of our shared cultural heritage must stop. No special skills are required, anyone can take part. You can do it yourself or work with a group, a community club or a class in these easy steps:

1. Tweet and retweet, like and share, post and repost our announcements. Like us on Facebook.

2. Hand out postcards and post a flyer. Download files to make copies.

global vigil cardx2

(Cut along the line to get two per sheet)

global vigil flyer black
global vigil flyer red

3. Order these commemorative items. For larger quantities, contact us for special rates.

4. Check out these vigil kits if you are planning an event. These tried-and true ideas directly from our past vigil hosts around the globe work for specific audiences and occasions: 

SAFE College and university vigil toolkitSAFE College and university vigil toolkit
SAFE museum vigil kitSAFE community vigil kit

5. “Remember Iraq’s Heritage, Our Heritage” brochure. SAFE created this brochure addressing the significance of ancient Mesopotamia, the impact of the looting of the Iraq Museum, the ongoing plunder of archaeological sites, how these situations relate to the rest of the world, and what we can do to preserve the past in conjunction with the exhibition Catastrophe! The Looting and Destruction of Iraq’s Past at the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute. Contact us for a high resolution pdf or order printed copies.

SAFE Iraq Vigil brochure

6. Document and share your event. Show others around the world how you participated in the Global Candlelight Vigil by sending us photographs and videos. Memorializing events in this way enabled SAFE to compile a video memorial, which we presented to the staff at the Iraq Museum. Help us do the same this year.

To send us photos:
1. Send your digital photos as attachments in an email to  
2. In the subject line, write the location of your event
3. In the body of the email, write a short description of your event

To send us videos:
Upload your video to YouTube and send us the link along with the location and a short description of your event. Or save your video on a CD or DVD and mail it along with the information to:

SAFE/Saving Antiquities for Everyone Inc.
P.O. Box 231172
Ansonia Station
New York, NY 10023-0020

Questions? Contact us.

And don’t forget to participate in the Candlelight Vigil for Global Heritage by sharing your thoughts and reflections here or on Facebook.