Give history a future
Educational program illustrates the importance, relevance, and vulnerability of the world’s cultural heritage—and the need to preserve it for future generations.

Give history a future explains how ancient objects constitute building blocks of human history and instills the idea from an early age that the information that ancient objects impart is even more valuable than the objects’ beauty, or monetary value. It comprises a unique set of materials that employ traditional and new media to teach students at various grade levels.

cultural heritage in danger map

The World’s Ancient Cultures in Danger Map is the first—and core—component of our Give History a Future initiative. A poster-sized wall-map for the classroom, this unique teaching tool graphically illustrates ancient cultures of the world, and the fact that these cultures are endangered by looting and the illicit antiquities trade. Created by SAFE with leading designers, archaeologists and educators, the map is available for purchase here.

Other components of Give History a Future being planned are:

  • Regional/national Ancient Cultures in Danger wall maps that focus on the problems specific regions or nations face. This allows for a level of detail the world map cannot cover.
  • Interactive, online maps that will include more in-depth information that can be updated frequently.
  • A teacher’s guide provides tools that help teachers introduce the topic to students.
  • Children’s books with a positive message that illustrate the importance of antiquities and their preservation.
  • Engaging, interactive computer games that encourage players to become stewards of our heritage, not destroyers.
  • An online, interactive demonstration that illustrates the meaning of archaeological context and why the looting of archeological sites robs us of important information about the past.
  • Lesson plans that comply with several NCSS and NCHE standards and teach the meaning of cultural heritage in an accessible and memorable way.
  • Essay competitions in which students submit research essays or short stories about the importance of preserving cultural heritage.

We welcome your suggestions and the opportunity to work with you. Please contact us for more information and if you would like to be a part of Give History a Future. SAFE received a grant from the Puffin Foundation towards the production of the map. In order to continue this important work, SAFE needs your continued support.


SAFE map at Art Crimes exhibitSAFE map at Art Crimes exhibit

The Association for Research into Crimes against Art and the National Museum of Crime and Punishment featured SAFE’s Ancient Cultures in Danger map at their Art Crimes exhibit from Feb. 12 to April 26, 2010. As the “centerpiece for the exhibit’s looting section, according to Colette Loll Marvin of ARCA, SAFE’s map provides a “wonderful visual representation of just how many cultures are in crisis at the moment, worldwide. (Photos: Colette Loll Marvin)