SAFE presented Say YES to Italy campaign at the Sacramento annual Festa Italiana.

Thanks to the generosity of the ICS Director Bill Cerruti, SAFE was given a booth at this annual Sacramento festival in the best location, near the entrance/exit of the Festa, to encourage people to sign SAFE’s petition supporting the US import restrictions of certain categories of Italian antiquities upon entering or leaving the event.

The booth was planned and organized by SAFE and ICS member Lisa Monet Colozzi, who handed out Say Yes to Italy flyers and other information about the upcoming hearing at the State Department’s Cultural Property Advisory Committee. Lisa, along with her mother Laura, fiancé Jerry, and Festa Princess Adriana, collected 100 signatures in support of the renewal of the bilateral agreement that restricts the importation of Italian antiquities.

Bill Cerruti was the first to sign the appeal as a show of his strong support of the SAFE campaign. From the booth, SAFE t-shirts and Say Yes to Italy wristbands were sold to raise funds for Say Yes to Italy campaign. Many children showed their support by showing off the Say Yes to Italy wristbands, while their parents took copies of SAFE’s flyers, promising to visit the SAFE’s web site. Many of the retired senior citizens encouraged their friends and family to sign our petitions by exclaiming “We have to protect our heritage!”

Despite temperatures of more than a hundred degrees, SAFE’s message was heard loud and clear in Sacramento. And local residents tuning in to KCRA Channel 3 News were treated to the sight of Lisa in a SAFE t-shirt dancing with her fiancé in its report on the Festa.

The SAFE booth at the Festa Italiana was sponsored by the Sacramento Italian Cultural Society, We wish to extend our gratitude to ICS Director Bill Cerruti and his staff for their generosity.