High school student Keli Liu worked with SAFE member Cynthia Bates to create a presentation for the Odyssey Festival, the Illinois school’s all-school fine arts festival. Every other year, all regular classes are suspended for two days, and all students, faculty, and staff attend all fine arts classes or performances in the areas of dance, music, theatre, visual arts, and media.

During the 2008 festival, Keli and Cynthia held three separate classes in which they educated students about the damage caused by looting and illicit antiquities trade, and the importance of preserving these artifacts for future generations. A demonstration using ordinary daily items was given to illustrate how an artifact would lose much of its meaning when taken out its context. The interactive sessions also featured a question-and-answer segment, and included “real-life” case studies.

Not only did Keli initiate, conceive and execute the event for SAFE, he also collected feedback from the students who attended, providing invaluable insight for future school presentations.