Students at the William D. Ford Career-Technical Center in Westland, Michigan, have learned about cultural heritage preservation and contributed artistically to SAFE for five years. Under the guidance of instructor Steve Paulsen, the students designed several awareness pieces that have developed their skills and creativity in support of SAFE’s mission.

SAFE thanks Steve Paulsen and his students for their continued efforts to raise public awareness through art.

Here are some examples of their work:

Chris Button, a 12th grade student at William D. Ford Career-Technical Center in Westland, Michigan, won a Silver Medal in The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards of 2010 with a poster he designed for SAFE (shown here).

This animated graphic was created to encourage participation in SAFE’s call to light a candle for the Iraq Museum

The students designed the logo for the Candlelight Vigil that was used on awareness materials

I want my students to work with a client on real-life projects to develop portfolio-quality work. I chose SAFE for two reasons: 1. They are a great organization performing a valuable service for everyone. 2. They understand the value of high-quality graphic design to publicize their message.Steve Paulsen, Instructor, William D Ford Career Tech Center