Monica Hanna to receive 2014 SAFE Beacon Award

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The archaeologist Dr. Monica Hanna will be the next recipient of the SAFE Beacon Award for her exemplary efforts in shedding light on the looting situation in Egypt. Home to some of the world’s oldest civilizations, Egypt has had a profound influence on the cultures of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. For centuries, Egyptian archaeological sites have been looted – most recently … Read More

Looting is everyone’s concern

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SAFE is grateful to Marni Walter for sharing this reflection with us in observance of the 2013 Donny George Candlelight Vigil for Global Heritage. During the early years of the new millennium, the scope of antiquities looting and destruction of cultural heritage seemed to drastically expand. To all the archaeological damage done for profit to feed the demands of various … Read More

EBay: Lip service is not enough!

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As the holiday shopping season goes into full force, eBay – the leading online auction and shopping site – once again offers a dizzying array of objects listed under “antiquities.” Described as “early Neolithic,” “Bronze age”, “Tang Dynasty,” to “Khmer,” “Pre-Columbian,” “12th Century Djenne,” “Ancient Roman,” etc. these “antiquities” are advertised to originate from all corners of the world. They … Read More

And the SAFE Beacon Award Winners are…

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2011: Jason Felch and Ralph Frammolino – SAFE honors investigative journalists and co-authors of Chasing Aphrodite: The Hunt for Looted Antiquities at the World’s Richest Museum (read Professor Senta German’s review here) for assembling “an extraordinary array of sources with which they tell a story the Getty wants no one to know” and for educating the public about how museum … Read More

David Gill receives AIA’s 2012 Outstanding Public Service Award

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Heartfelt congratulations go to David Gill, for this well-deserved recognition from the Archaeological Institute of America. SAFE and SAFECORNER would like to take the opportunity to thank Prof. Gill for years of research and study on looting and the illicit antiquities trade and, above all, his efforts to keep the public informed of these problems with his blog “Looting Matters”, … Read More

“AAMD members should be more transparent about acquisitions”

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On Looting Matters today, David Gill wrote: “The AAMD needs to resolve the issue of long-term loans of archaeological material. And AAMD members should be more transparent about acquisitions and learn to respond to requests for information.” Professor Colin Renfrew’s Jan 10 Beacon Award Lecture in Philadelphia and Jan 15 in New York will touch upon these issues. SAFECORNER wishes … Read More

University Suppresses Report on Provenance of Iraqi Antiquities

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The following article appeared in Science Magazine on October 26, 2007 and is reproduced here with permission from the author, Michael Balter. University College London (UCL), one of Britain’s premier universities, has become embroiled in a dispute over its handling of a large collection of religious artifacts that may have been part of the illicit trade in archaeological relics from … Read More