Bridge to the Divine: Repatriating Nepal’s Heritage

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photo by Adja Fong

What may be awe-inspiring art to one person is a bridge to the divine for another. Around the world, our cultural heritage takes on new meaning depending on its context. Pilgrims walk hundreds of miles to pray. Patrons buy tickets to learn from exhibits. Both provide insight into our shared heritage as people, but context is critical. Context Has there … Read More

How can we think about cultural heritage when life is lost?

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Before and after photos leave nothing to the imagination: Nepal has suffered a tremendous loss to its cultural heritage when a massive earthquake hit the small Himalayan nation on April 25, 2015. Should we be concerned about culture when the death toll is still mounting every minute? We know countless people have suffered the devastation of losing family members and loved ones. When … Read More

Rescuing Cultural Assets

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World Trade Center Memorial

A decade on from the devastation of 9/11, the loss of life is just as sorrowful and the loss of cultural property and personal artifacts just as important as the day it happened. Not only were tangible things lost—people, buildings, planes, sculptures, paintings—but also our memories of these artifacts were altered. With natural disasters occurring all around us—quakes, tsunamis, hurricanes—the … Read More

New Zealand’s built history, cultural heritage suffer losses after massive quake

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Recovery operations are still underway and looking increasingly grim in Christchurch, New Zealand, after the city’s second major earthquake in six months left over 140 dead and scores more wounded and missing. As always, people remain SAFE’s first concern and our condolences go out to those who have lost their loved ones, colleagues and homes. But as the dust settles … Read More

SAFE’s Flickr Project

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On January 12, 2010 Haiti was changed forever by a devastating earthquake that took the lives of thousands and left a huge portion of the country in ruins. SAFE/Saving Antiquities for Everyone recognizes that in times of mass destruction, human lives must always be first priority. At the same time, Haiti stands to lose its heritage, which has been a … Read More

Rebuilding Haiti: Look to the past

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One of the most far-reaching and long-lasting consequences from Haiti’s recent devastation is the immeasurable loss to its culture. In this regard, international cultural organizations have issued statements expressing concern for the state of Haiti’s cultural heritage, including the International Committee of the Blue Shield. In a press release issued January 14, The Blue Shield says that it “places the … Read More

Earthquake damages Baths of Caracalla

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The ancient Roman Baths of Caracalla have been damaged by earthquake on April 5. According to the New York Times, historical monuments have suffered significant damage as well, including the Romanesque basilica of Santa Maria di Collemaggi and the National Museum of Abruzzo. The destruction has left more than 200 dead and tens of thousands homeless. SAFE sends condolences to … Read More

May 12th Earthquake Threatens Chinese Cultural Heritage

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A statue of Buddha is all that remains of the Xiayuan Temple, a cultural relic in Luoshui, Shifang, Sichuan province. Zhang Xiaoli (China Daily) While our primary concern remains with the more than 62,000 who perished, the more than 250,000 who were injured and the five million people who have become homeless in the wake of the May 12th earthquake … Read More