Looking ahead: 2012 and beyond

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With 2012 now upon us, SAFE looks forward to the coming year with anticipation, and offers a few predictions. As discussion and publicity surrounding the repatriation of antiquities continues and public awareness and media focus on the actions of source countries (Italy, Greece, Peru, Turkey, Egypt, Bulgaria, etc.) increase, the return of cultural patrimony will accelerate during 2012 and the … Read More

“Operation CERBERUS Action”: Neither overkill nor justice

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The September 24 Deseret News raised the question: “Overkill or justice? Costly 5-year-old artifacts case nets no prison time and 3 suicides, but retrieves Native American treasures and raises awareness”. The case referred to is Operation CERBERUS Action, aimed at the illegal trafficking of Native American artifacts in the Four Corners area, previously discussed here. SAFE has expressed disappointment over … Read More

“Wait a moment, this is a person … not a thing”

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Charles Q. Choi of LiveScience tells the story of illegal smuggling of mummies – a practice with a long history – which is a growing segment in the worldwide black market trade in illicit antiquities worth “billions of dollars” today. In “NY Mummy Smugglers Reveal Vast Antiquities Black Market” Choi showcases the July 13 announcement from Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s … Read More