ICOM Publishes ‘Red List’ of Endangered Libyan Antiquities

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ICOM (the International Council of Museums) has released a “red list” of endangered Libyan antiquities. Rather than a list of objects which have already been looted, the Emergency Red List of Libyan Cultural Objects at Risk is a proactive resource, compiling images and descriptions of artifacts known to be vulnerable in order to alert customs officials, police forces and the … Read More

Brookings Fellow on Libyan Heritage Policy Overlooks the Biggest Threat Ahead: Antiquities Looting

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William Y. Brown, a nonresident Brookings Institution Senior Fellow who is former Science Advisor to the U.S. Interior Secretary and President of the Bishop Museum, the Academy of Natural Sciences, and Woods Hole Research Center,weighs in with a number of policy suggestions for how to make the best use of Libya’s heritage in the post-Ghaddafi era. Among other ideas, Brown … Read More

A Sigh of Relief in Libya

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After months of negative reporting on heritage sites in the Middle East, finally there is some good news from all five of Libya’s UNESCO heritage sites. Both the 2,000 year old Roman city of Sabratha and the ruins of Leptis Magna, which had been occupied by Anti-Gaddafi forces since August, sustained little damage. In fact, Fadel Ali Mohammad, Libya’s new … Read More