White House March to stop ISIS from destroying what remains of Mesopotamian Civilization: Tuesday, March 10, 2015. Organized by Jabbar Jaafar and Abdul Amir AL Hamdani

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This following Media Advisory is posted at the request of the organizers Jabbar Jaafar and Abdul Amir AL Hamdani. Contact: Jabbar Jaafar Phone: 703-459-6004 E-mail:  Jabbar.jafar@gmail.com Urgent action is needed to stop ISIS’s barbaric acts against Iraq’s and international heritage We are cultural and archaeological activists preparing to kick off a campaign in Washington, DC to urge and pressure the policy and decision makers to take immediate … Read More

Yet another one…

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This morning, while browsing the web for current Southern Hemisphere antiquities trade news to blog about, I came across the webpage of a company/auction house that, to me, seems as brazen in their sale of unprovenanced and/or recently surfaced artifacts as the world’s largest wholesale auction houses. Indeed, they occasionally have their own auctions! This time I’m talking about Arte … Read More

Lawrence Rothfield and “The Rape of Mesopotamia”

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In April 2003, like many of us, Lawrence Rothfield watched with great concern as news accounts detailed the pillage of Iraq’s National Museum. Since then, the looting of sites around Iraq has not ceased, and Rothfield, as co-founder and former director of the Cultural Policy Center at the University of Chicago, has been working on an extensive inquiry into how … Read More

Iraq, the “looting of sites is over”?

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Martin Bailey in an article in last month’s issue of the Art Newspaper proclaimed loudly “Archaeological sites in south Iraq have not been looted, say experts”. This month the Art Newspaper carried a further article on the subject by Martin Bailey who dryly notes “Our article generated considerable controversy, provoking strong reactions from both ends of the political spectrum”. In … Read More

No Recent Looting on 8 Sites in Southern Iraq: What does it show us? Not what the Art Newspaper thinks it does

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The Art Newspaper makes too much hay out of a new report by highly reputable archaeologists who visited 8 major sites in southern Iraq. The lede is in-your-face (or at least in mine): “An international team of archaeologists which made an unpublicised visit to southern Iraq last month found no evidence of recent looting—contrary to long-expressed claims about sustained illegal digging … Read More

Sotheby’s Auctions Rare Antiquities

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Last month, two major sales of antiquities took place at Sotheby’s, New York. The sales were remarkable not only in the prices fetched at auction, but also in the fact that both went to private collectors. As reported in Time Magazine (12/12/07), a Mesopotamian miniature sculpture of the goddess Inanna as a lioness, the so-called Guennol Lioness, was sold to … Read More