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SAFE recently unveiled three new country profiles that are of A Global Concern: Ethiopia, Libya, and Vietnam.

Rebecca Jones, a SAFE volunteer and PhD student at Australian National University, wrote our first new page, Global Concern: Vietnam. Her article focused on the diversity of Vietnamese cultural heritage, underwater archaeology, and the local and international market demand for illicit antiquities. Jones also analyzed legal efforts within Vietnam, as well as current public support for heritage conservation. Read the profile here.

Lillia McEnaney, a student at Hamilton College and our Content Coordinator and Web Editor, authored the Global Concern: Ethiopia page. Her work focused on two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country: Askum and the Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela. The article also addressed intangible cultural heritage preservation, museums, and repatriation efforts in Ethiopia. Read the profile here.

Lastly, McEnaney also authored the Global Concern: Libya page. This article looked at the five UNESCO World Heritage sites in Libya, and also highlighted the role of political conflict in antiquities trafficking and legislation. McEnaney also analyzed recent efforts to preserve Libyan heritage, both politically and on the ground.  Read the profile here.

Friends of SAFE, keep an eye out for even more new content. We currently have volunteers, interns, and staff members working on pages for Israel, Tunisia, Nigeria, and Nepal. Feel free to reach out to us and let us know if there is a certain country that you want to be profiled. To further help in the fight to raise awareness for cultural heritage preservation, consider donating to or working with SAFE.



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Lillia McEnaney

Lillia McEnaney

Content Coordinator & Web Editor at SAFE
Lillia McEnaney is a senior at Hamilton College and is double majoring in Archaeology and Religious Studies. Lillia has worked as an intern for various museums and cultural institutions across the United States, as a teaching and research assistant, and on field projects in Greece and Macedonia. She is interested in North American archaeology and anthropology, the U.S. Southwest, museum anthropology, digital archaeology, and indigenous rights, sovereignty, and representation. In her role at SAFE, Lillia aims to raise awareness about the widespread and unpublicized looting, trafficking, and sale of American Indian cultural patrimony.

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