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You may have noticed that it’s been a bit quiet around the SAFE Blog recently…but that’s only because some new and exciting changes have been brewing, and we’re excited to finally share them with you!

Paige Brevick

Paige Brevick, incoming Co-Executive Director

Saving Antiquities for Everyone, Inc. is proud to announce the appointment of three new leaders at the organization. Starting June 2016, SAFE’s STAFF will be led by two Co-Executive Directors, Paige Brevick and Debora Trein, and an Assistant Director, Nicole Payntar.

Paige Brevick is a long-time volunteer with SAFE, having served as an intern, volunteer, and STAFF member over the past two years. With a BA in Religion from Cornell College, Paige is now pursuing her MA in Egyptian Art and Archaeology at the University of Memphis where her research focuses on the animal mummy sarcophagi of ancient Egypt. She discovered her passion for heritage preservation and the importance of protecting temple artifacts while studying archaeological tourism in India in 2011; since then, she has been committed to fighting looting, illegal collecting, and the illicit antiquities trade.

Debora Trein

Debora Trein, incoming Co-Executive Director

Recently awarded her doctorate in archaeology from the University of Texas in Austin where her research investigated the use of monumental architecture at the Maya site of La Milpa, Debora Trein has also maintained a passion for conservation and cultural heritage preservation. Her MA thesis, completed at University College London, focused on the history of cultural heritage management in Belize, and she continues to integrate her archaeological field work with public outreach initiatives. Debora feels that there is nothing more rewarding than seeing that little lightbulb go on when her students or members of the public understand the value and excitement of archaeological investigation.

Nicole Payntar

Nicole Payntar, incoming Assistant Director

Nicole Payntar joins the team in the new role of Assistant Director. Nicole is currently pursuing her PhD in Anthropology at the University of Texas at Austin where she specializes in Andean archaeology. She is also active in the field of cultural heritage preservation, participating in an array of initiatives and programs across the United States which advocate for heritage preservation, raise awareness about the damage and looting of archaeological sites, and create policy recommendations.

We hope that you will join us in warmly welcoming Paige, Debora, and Nicole to the team as they plan for an exciting summer and year ahead!

On behalf of everyone at SAFE, the Board would also like to extend a big thank you to outgoing Executive Director, Rachel Dewan, and outgoing Creative Director, Little Shiva. We are truly grateful for the immense time, passion, and leadership you gave to SAFE, and we look forward to seeing what exciting things lie ahead for you both.

Until the next update, happy summer to you all!

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